07 September 2009

Terror from the Archives

Fragments of fear dredged up from the depths of our photographic collection...

Note on reverse: The Troubadour – one of the “Wee Folk” figures in soft leather made by the Todhunter Sisters of York.

Note on reverse: The Attic, Garrowby Hall near York. False cupboard leading to a mock priest-hole: part of the secret system created “to amuse his children” by Viscount Halifax.

(With thanks to Michele!)


  1. What amazing photos ! PLease post more about this collection and the people that made it - this is a scoop, you should do an article. Are the pix copyright or too old to trace ? WONDERFUL stuff

  2. Thanks Doundou. I wish I knew more about the photos because I'm a big fan too! Unfortunately, they're not part of a collection in themselves; just examples of the many we've acquired over the years. I'll look out for more!

  3. HI ! I did a bit of sleuthing (archivist by training too) and discovered that the sisters were pals with Beatrix Potter so some of their letters survive. Their dolls sell for big money in auction because of the Potter connection so someone must collect. Presumably this picture is pre 1920.