29 September 2009

"His" Face Was Very Smooth for a "Man"

From: The Leeds Mercury (1918)


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  2. Fascinating. The world was so different then, it doesn't surprise me that she managed to pass as a 'he' for 30 years.

    Did the article say what happened to 'him' once the imposture was found out? I can't imagine that spending a good portion of your life pretending to be a member of the opposite sex would be against the law,

  3. No, there doesn't seem to have been a follow-up article, unfortunately... I checked a week or two after. Reading between the lines of the story, I feel there's something incredibly sad about it: how worried Ferdinand was about being drafted into the war -- it breaks my heart!

    Sorry for the lack of Wesleys recently. I'll try to find out what they've been up to.