16 February 2011

Why Can't Father Wait Until After the War?

From: The Morley Observer (1944)

30 January 2011

Beauty Scare-apy

From: The Morley Observer (1989)

05 January 2011

My Super Time with Earwigs



Well, Well, Well...

(Newspaper ad -- Apologies for the poor quality, but I thought it was worth it for the strap-line alone!)  

21 October 2010

Melon Shape Muffs and More!

(Click image for a closer look)

"Knocker-Up" Talks!

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1922)

26 May 2010

Getting a Round Town

From The Leeds Mercury (1929): “Spherical houses, which are said to be very practical and healthy, are being built in Germany. Here is a street of them in Dresden. The road will be opened to traffic next month.”
Incidentally, the houses were real – or, at least, one really was built and still exists; see HERE.

18 May 2010

Do You Recognize This Man?

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1984)

06 May 2010

For the Junior Man

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1960s)
Click image for a better look (it's worth it!)

Give Me Gas

From: Pudsey and Stanningley News (1954)

28 March 2010

Beetle Juice

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1946)
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15 February 2010

Non-Slip Pyjamas

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1931)

Find Peggy

From: Yorkshire Post & Leeds Mercury (1954)

25 January 2010

Broom for More

From: Yorkshire Post (1963)

07 January 2010

Milky Waves

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1949)

05 January 2010

Beats Big Brother...

From: Yorkshire Post (1964)