25 November 2009

18 November 2009

Cracking Up

15th August, 1907: Concrete path between Roseville Road and Roundhay Road (Chapeltown, Leeds)

11 November 2009

?? Today's Problem Picture ??

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1954)
(ANSWER: They are of course testing the ground to make sure it's safe to put the maypole up)

17 October 2009

The Need for Speed

Archive photo: “Mr Rowland Winn in his racing car at Saltburn, North Yorkshire.”

You Say Tomatatoe

From The Leeds Mercury (1917)

Testing, Testing

From Leodis.net photo archive: “11th June 1938. Underground air raid shelter, situated at the rear of the Civic Hall. Interior lined with wood. Two men testing facilities.”

29 September 2009

"His" Face Was Very Smooth for a "Man"

From: The Leeds Mercury (1918)

21 September 2009

Hey Kids!

Children's entertainer, Leeds, 1950s.
From: Photograph archive

14 September 2009

Just for Ewe

Incomparable Wonder

From: Leeds Patriot (1826)

Habitual Drunkards

(Poster from the early 1900s. Unfortunately we only have this photo of it!)

07 September 2009

Terror from the Archives

Fragments of fear dredged up from the depths of our photographic collection...

Note on reverse: The Troubadour – one of the “Wee Folk” figures in soft leather made by the Todhunter Sisters of York.

Note on reverse: The Attic, Garrowby Hall near York. False cupboard leading to a mock priest-hole: part of the secret system created “to amuse his children” by Viscount Halifax.

(With thanks to Michele!)

17 August 2009

Rat Them Out

From: The Morley Observer (1943)
Click to zoom - and don't forget to fill in the coupon.

08 August 2009

Don't Be "Dull"

From: Yorkshire Evening News (1928)
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05 August 2009

What Are Harness' Electropathic Belts?

From: The Wife's Handbook (1892) by H. Arthur Allbutt
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28 July 2009

The Wesleys 13

25 July 2009

22 July 2009

The Wesleys 12

15 July 2009

The Wesleys 11

13 July 2009

Stars Love Mars

From: The Leeds Citizen (1952)
More about Joy Nichols.

06 July 2009

Brain Fag Strikes Back

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01 July 2009

Bounce Into Summer

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1969)
(Click image for a close-up of the “Kangaroo Jockey Ball”)

The Wife's Handbook

From: The Wife's Handbook by H. Arthur Allbutt (1892)