02 April 2011

16 February 2011

Why Can't Father Wait Until After the War?

From: The Morley Observer (1944)

30 January 2011

Beauty Scare-apy

From: The Morley Observer (1989)

05 January 2011

My Super Time with Earwigs



Well, Well, Well...

(Newspaper ad -- Apologies for the poor quality, but I thought it was worth it for the strap-line alone!)  

21 October 2010

Melon Shape Muffs and More!

(Click image for a closer look)

"Knocker-Up" Talks!

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1922)

11 July 2010

Mother Is Looking Rather Pleased with Herself Too!

From Yorkshire Life (1955)

Live and Die an Old Maid

From The Yorkshire Weekly Post (1915)

26 May 2010

Getting a Round Town

From The Leeds Mercury (1929): “Spherical houses, which are said to be very practical and healthy, are being built in Germany. Here is a street of them in Dresden. The road will be opened to traffic next month.”
Incidentally, the houses were real – or, at least, one really was built and still exists; see HERE.

18 May 2010

Do You Recognize This Man?

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1984)

06 May 2010

For the Junior Man

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1960s)
Click image for a better look (it's worth it!)

Give Me Gas

From: Pudsey and Stanningley News (1954)

28 March 2010

Beetle Juice

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1946)
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15 February 2010

Non-Slip Pyjamas

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1931)

Find Peggy

From: Yorkshire Post & Leeds Mercury (1954)

25 January 2010

Broom for More

From: Yorkshire Post (1963)

07 January 2010

Milky Waves

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1949)

05 January 2010

Beats Big Brother...

From: Yorkshire Post (1964)