21 June 2009

Good Job It's the Sixties

From: Yorkshire Evening Post (1969)
(As ever, click for close-ups)


  1. I am a vivacious extrovert who would enjoy typing in a congenial environment and would like to perform private secretarial duties for the Erectors.

  2. Your blog is awesome, I hope to be a librarian myself this time next year ;)

  3. Good luck with it, BMD. I'm enjoying reading through your blog at the minute... :-)

  4. Wonderful stuff and of course, perfectly reasonable advertising to someone like myself who was 13 years old when the world was thus emancipated :)

    I started work in 74 on a salary of £960 per year with no bonus opportunities, oh how I wish I'd been a woman with the generous remuneration opportunities at the YEP...